About the adviser

Vineet Bhardwaj

Licensed Immigration Adviser
Licence number 201801245

Vineet hails from New Delhi India. He embarked on his migration journey in May 2017 when he landed in beautiful New Zealand. He came on a student visa in his search of a better life for himself and his family. Like any migrant, he did not know anyone here when he arrived. However, he had the right attitude, focus, drive, and honest intentions to succeed.

Vineet had a proven experience of working in the Indian criminal justice system. He had held a senior position in the police department for 23 years when he chose to switch his career path. The police job enabled him to imbibe in-depth knowledge of the legal processes. While working in a legal environment in New Zealand, he found that the philosophy of the law is essentially the same in all the civilized societies over the world. The ingrained legal knowledge stood him in excellent stead during his professional journey here. Especially, when he was dealing with cases involving criminal offences, court proceedings and police charges.

He has a full licence to deal with all types of visa categories.

His writing is solid, persuasive and audience-oriented. He has unique skills to convince all ranks through his writing skills. His cover letters have effectively persuaded and successfully influenced the concerned authorities in all kinds of matters, such as, low attendance, unsatisfactory study progress, genuineness of employment, lower market rate, sustainability of employment, genuineness of labour market tests, complex partnership cases, evidence of funds, suitably qualified aspect, and so on.

Vineet has also significantly contributed in getting positive outcomes for his clients from the Minister’s office. In such cases, INZ had previously declined the applications, reconsideration requests and even sections 61 requests of the clients.

Apart from successfully applying for most categories of visas, his wide spectrum of expertise includes favourable outcomes in complex cases like dealing with character concerns, Potentially Prejudiced Information letters (commonly known as PPIs), declines, reconsideration requests, and regularizing unlawful immigration status i.e., section 61 requests, and ministerial interventions.

Due to his focused approach and eagerness to learn the concepts of immigration processes, he was able to achieve his own resident visa in March 2020— in less than 3 years from the day he landed in New Zealand on a student visa.

Vineet has gained over 7 years of experience in the New Zealand immigration industry and, most importantly, has almost 100% successful outcomes in dealing with over 2,000 cases.

Vineet has excellent organisational skills which he has developed over years of hard work. These skills have ensured timely execution of the work for his clients.

Being a migrant himself, Vineet has a first-hand experienced of the entire struggle. He has navigated through his own journey like a migrant and has successfully achieved the goal. He knows the Ins and the Outs of the game. He understands your problems and is humane in his approach. You can rest assured that he would ensure his total commitment to your matter and your best interest.

To summarize, it can be safely confirmed that more often than not, he ‘will’ get the job done!

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