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Complex Immigration Matters

At times, we face challenges. Mostly, they occur due to circumstances that are beyond the control or intention of people. From experience, we can safely assert that more often than not, INZ is willing to give a fair hearing to applicants and understand their version. Unfortunately, during such times, applicants or their representatives fail to present a case in a professional manner, and INZ has no other option than to decline. It is how the case is presented before INZ, that majorly decides the fate of the application. To decide in applicant’s favour, INZ requires documentation that has credible and verifiable evidential content.  

It is in such difficult times, that we thrive and can offer our unique and best skill sets. We have the ability to identify what evidence is required and have the skills to produce that evidence in a legally admissible manner.

These complications come in many forms. However, whatever the complexity, we are here for you to represent your best interests before INZ. The matters can include,

◉ Complaints

◉ PPI Responses

◉ Character waivers

◉ Reconsideration requests

◉ Section 61 requests

◉ Ministerial Appeals or Immigration and Protection Tribunal Appeals

It is in this field, that we can claim our expertise. In fact, the complex the matter, the best it brings out in us!

We sincerely wish that you never need such services and your time in New Zealand is always spent in abundant happiness.

Notwithstanding, in case times change, we will earnestly try to fight for you and try to bring back your smile.

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