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Student visa

New Zealand is a safe and wonderful place to study. It is famous for its friendliness, vast scenic beauty and great work-life balance. Given the world scenario at present, New Zealand is the place to study. With its internationally-renowned education system and top universities, you will have opportunities to grow and have a successful future.

While you study, New Zealand may be able to offer you part-time work rights so that you can support your studies and gain international exposure.

The current advantage of studying bachelor’ and master’s courses is that it may lead to three-year post-study work visas to enable you to earn global experience with at least median wage salaries.

Important information

Especially for the offshore applicants, if a part of your application is missing or there is not enough proof, Immigration NZ may refuse to issue a visa to you. However, with our professional and licensed advice, the chances of an Approval in Principle (AIP) can increase considerably.

Based on your academic background, we can also provide you with options in your field of interest.

Once you receive your AIP, the remaining matters include payment of tuition fee and sending the receipt to INZ. The process can take between two to six weeks, don’t worry, we will guide you on each step.